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I am organizing a research workshop together with Andreas Wiese from the University of Chile from September 3rd to September 7th. More details can be found on the workshop’s homepage.


I will give my inaugural lecture on Monday, June 11th at the Informatikum in Hamburg (Konrad Zuse Hörsaal, B-201). The lecture starts at 5:15 pm. Everybody is welcome to join both the lecture itself and the reception with some food and drinks afterward.


Together with Petra Berenbrink (Universität Hamburg) and Nicole Megow (University of Bremen) my research group is organizing the 1. Bremen-Hamburg Workshop on Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization (homepage in German). The goal is to bring together researchers with a focus on algorithms or related fields from Bremen, Hamburg, and other parts of (not very strictly) Northern Germany. See the workshop homepage above for further information.


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. Self-stabilizing Balls and Bins in Batches. Algorithmica, 2018.


. Simple and Efficient Leader Election. SOSA, 2018.

. Tight Bounds for Coalescing Branching Random Walks on Regular Graphs. SODA, 2018.


Topics for Student Researchers

Potential research topics for a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.


The list below gives a (not necessarily complete) overview of courses I recently taught or will be teaching. See also the teaching overview of our research group.

  • Winter 2018: Cryptography (lecture)
  • Summer 2018: Methods of Algorithm Design (lecture)
  • Winter 2017: Formale Grundlagen der Informatik III (seminar)
  • Summer 2017: Methods of Algorithm Design (lecture)
  • Winter 2016: Formale Grundlagen der Informatik III (seminar)